# Unikname

First purposes of the unikname.network are to secure any web connections and to protect the user's privacy by providing sovereign IDs rooted in the blockchain. So as the first APP and DAPP available with the unikname.network serve these purposes. They've been package thru different solution to meet user needs and highly demanded use case. These solutions are the following ones:

# My Unikname

My Unikname is a personal user's ID (opens new window) to replace email and password, disrupting the web connection experience in a safe ans simple way, and protecting user's privacy. Get only one @unikname, and use it everywhere and everyday. Get your own @unikname identifier right now (opens new window)!

# Unikname Connect

Unikname Connect is the easiest and safest MFA authentication solution (opens new window) for any SaaS platforms and mobile apps, providing a protection against economic espionage for business, and a protection against tracking for users. This solution has been designed for SaaS platforms with users sensitive to the protection of their privacy, who want to be sure not to be tracked.

Integrating Unikname Connect to these platforms (opens new window) increase value proposition for their visitors, and improve security. No more need to manage and to secure user's passwords and database!

# Unikname Certificate Proofing

Unikname Certificate Proofing is the solution to secure mobile apps against falsified SSL X509 certificates and against man-in-the-middle attacks. This solution is dedicated to companies having a mobile App providing access to sensitive information. This solution has been designed with a Bank.

# Unikname URL-Checker

This solution stores a public proof of ownership of a URL over the web, could be a domain name, an image, a social account or any file.