# Registering as a delegate


UNS/uns.network/universal-name-system is the old name of unikname.network blockchain. UNIK is the old name of UNIKNAME nft token UNS is the old name of UNIK protocol token Urls, commands and old documentation are not renamed yet but are still valid. We're updating progressively.

# Installing the unikname.network CLI

The unikname.network Command Line Interface (CLI) makes it easy to manage your @unikname and Unikname apps directly from the terminal. It’s an essential part of using unikname.network.

Operating system





Download the installer (opens new window)

Run the installer you have downloaded.

Windows may display a warning, just click Run anyway.



Download the installer (opens new window)

Run the installer you have downloaded.



Download the archive (opens new window)

After having downloaded the archive, add {TARBALL_EXTRACTION_FOLDER}/bin into your PATH environment variable in order to run the uns command.

Alternate installation modes are also available in the CLI documentation.

On Windows

Execute the file downloaded to procede to installation. Windows may display a warning, but don't worry, just continue the procedure.*

You can check that your installation is finished by entering uns into your command prompt. You should see the following menu :

$ uns
UNS.network CLI

  @uns/cli/X.X.X XXX XXX

  $ uns [COMMAND]

  cryptoaccount  Manage Crypto Account (`uns cryptoaccount` to display Crypto Account commands)

If you want more details about the CLI and tips to use it, check the CLI documentation. You are now ready for the next step !

# Registering as a delegate

Congratulations! Now that you have:

  • a cryptoaccount with some UNIK
  • a @unikname linked to your cryptoaccount
  • a running instance of unn-core node configured as forger with your passphrase

Now, you can register as a delegate!

Registering as a delegate

⚠️ You are about registering yourself as a unikname.network delegate. ⚠️

Don't execute the following command if you are trying to create your @unikname id to integrate your application with Unikname Connect. Go to the Unikname Help Center (opens new window) instead.

Here is the complete process:

uns unik:disclose "@hello-world" -e "hello-world"
uns delegate:register "@hello-world"
uns delegate:vote "@hello-world"

Replace hello-world by your own @unikname id.

# Checking your delegate status in the Explorer

Now, your job is done. You can check on explorer (opens new window) that you're in the delegate list (either in active or standby tab).

If you're in the active tab, congratulation, you're a unikname.network delegate, and your forger node is actually forging blocks and getting rewards!

If you're in the standby tab, you need to gather more voting power than current active delegates (i.e. have cryptoaccounts with positive balance voting for you).

Once your node is fully synchronized and forging block you should see a green status in network-monitor (opens new window).

Let's go fot the final steps.