# Last steps

# Creating a forum account with your @unikname

The forum is our exchange platform for everything concerning the life of the unikname.network project but also for other products like Unikname Connect. As a Network Player, it is important for you to follow this forum in order not to miss important updates to be made on your nodes, or new features brought to the blockchain.

It will be through the forum that the team will keep in touch with you.

# Registration

Now that you have your @unikname, you will be able to create an account and login to the forum using it. To do so:

# Join the Network Player forum group

Once on the forum, send a private message to @dlecan to be added to the Network Player group. This way, you will receive notifications of important communications that concern you.

Suggestions and support

If you have any suggestions or encounter any problems with this tutorial, give us your feedback on our forum (opens new window)!

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