# unikname.network key concepts

Here we introduce key concepts of the unikname.network. Those concepts are designed, but not all of them are implemented yet. Please, wait a little bit more to try everything, and look at up right now what the future will be!

# Cryptography Overview

⚡️ Cryptography within unikname.network blockchain

In the blockchain world you must rely on cryptography to make it happends! unikname.network cryptography is based on ARK.IO basics augmented with specificities related to Decentralized IDs and Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure requirements.

# IDs rooted in the unikname.network blockchain

⚡️ UNIKNAME Identifiers

What is a Decentralized IDentifier in general and what are the specificities of the uns.network ones: the UNIKNAME Identifiers.

⚡️ Types of UNIKNAME DIDs

UNIKNAME DIDs are minted with a type according to their purpose.

⚡️ Pattern of @unikname IDs

The way the character string forming a @unikname ID is combined can be classified into patterns. Patterns are used to determine the cost of @unikname ID and to control @unikname issuance.

⚡️ UNIKNAME Badges

Every UNIKNAME DIDs are featured with trust badges.

⚡️ UNIKNAME Life Cycle Status

The life cycle status provides information on the state of a UNIKNAME and allows to know whether the UNIKNAME is active or not.

⚡️ UNIKNAME properties

UNIKNAME owners can define customized properties to their IDs.

# Network Services

⚡️ Network Service Providers

⚡️ Directory Of Network UniT Services (DONUTS)

# Network Governance

⚡️ Understanding Governance of unikname.network blockchain

The unikname.network is a DPoS blockchain governed by three separates colleges of stakeholders.