# Understanding unikname.network

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In the Internet-era, identifiers are everywhere. We share them by phone or we write them down to our friends and family. We do not want them to be complex, we like when they’re expressed in our language and we love when they are unique and personalized. Designed for everyday uses, these human-readable identifiers should be easy to remember, unique and usable everywhere on the net. We use it to login on our favorite websites, to share public or private data, to communicate with others, or simply to be identified. They must be private and protect our privacy, and the most important our identifiers should be under our sole control.

unikname.network is the decentralized network and the protocol dedicated to handle IDs rooted in the blockchain, aiming to secure any web and mobil user connections, and to protect the user's privacy.

This blockchain is specialized in providing Decentralized ID (also called DID), and offer a good Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (also called DPKI) solution, the basis of the next generation of authentication protocols.

The blockchain is fueled with its own native token, UNIK, a protocol and utility token.

unikname.network and its IDs are the backbone of the Unikname solutions :

  • @unikname ID: Augmented pseudo under the sole control of its owner. @unikname IDs are self-sovereign and easy to remember multi-purpose IDs. They can replace email and password for fully confidential sign-up and log in, or used to control sharing of personal or business information over the web, and many more...
  • Unikname Connect: Unikname Connect is a privacy-by-design authentication solution, rewarding users who want to make internet a safer place.
  • Unikname Certificate Proofing: the solution to secure mobile apps against falsified TLS/SSL X509 certificates and against man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Unikname URL-Checker: the solution to store a public proof of ownership of a URL over the web, could be a domain name, an image, a social account or any file.

unikname.network has been designed to be used easily by everyone who needs to integrate self-sovereign identifiers in their software and applications, not only DAPP but also any traditional web platform.

# Main Features

# 🔥 Issuance and Minting Decentralized IDs as NFTs

✨ Self-Sovereign Identifier NFTs. unikname.network Decentralized IDs are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), they're unique, available every time and everywhere.Individuals or Organizations have ultimate control over their identifier and are the final arbiter of who can access and use their data related to it.

✨ Featured NFTs. unikname.network DIDs are Non-Fungible Token (NFT) with peerless features like badges, properties... and crypto-accounts.

✨ Easy to Remember Pseudonymous IDs. unikname.network DIDs have an easy to remember shape that could be a pseudo, a real name, or any funny name. We don’t care about your real identity.

✨ Anti-Squatting Protections. unikname.network DIDs integrate an original life cycle management protecting them against squatting.

# 🔥 User Rewarding System

unikname.network UNIKNAME utility tokens are used to encourage users to maximize use of their @unikname ID to make the internet more secure and more trustful.

# 🔥 On-Chain / Off-Chain Control

unikname.network DID's owners use their ID in either an off-chain or an on-chain mode. They control the privacy level and the sharing of their data: fully private, with white lists, open... and IDs stay fully private when they're used for authentication.

# 🔥 Highly resilient and highly secure

✨ The decentralized design makes the solution highly resilient and highly secure, far beyond any traditional centralized system.

# 🔥 Compatible with existing web & mobile Apps

unikname.network APIs and SDKs can be easily used in any web and mobile Apps, even traditional centralized ones (heavy client, SaaS, Platforms...)

# Main Specifications

🏆 unikname.network DIDs follow the Decentralized Identity Foundation standards. Unikname.network team is an active member of the DIF and contribute to the definition of tomorrow standards. see DIF UNIKNAME DID Specifications (opens new window)

🏆 unikname.network DIDs are multilingual and protected against spoofing by SafeTypo© technology. 14 UNICODE scripts are accepted, with many alphabets.

🏆 unikname.network is a DPOS blockchain operated by 23 elected delegates. The blockchain is powered by the famous ARK.IO DPOS Blockchain, setup with a 8 seconds block time. Delegates are grouped in colleges of stakeholders:

  • 10 Individuals – Defenders of individual freedoms and privacy
  • 10 Organizations – Committed in securing the web for businesses
  • 3 Network community players

🏆 unikname.network Supply of UNIK utility token is dynamic and follows adoption. UNIK tokens are created when DIDs are created on the chain and when they become alive, this design makes the token less prone to speculation and more stable.

# Key Benefits

# For Network Players

💰 unikname.network represents an opportunity to participate, to contribute and to get valuable rewards with a viable DPOS blockchain solution. You're contributing to securing the first Decentralized IDentifiers (DID) operational blockchain with its easy to understand use cases.

# For Organizations

💰 unikname.network offers a backbone solution to provide confidential authentication, with Unikname Connect, to their users, customers and partners. This is the easiest and safest MFA authentication solution for any saas platforms and mobile apps, providing a protection against economic espionage.

# For Web Users

💰 Web users have a change to get a Self-Sovereign ID usable everywhere on the web and protecting them against identity theft thanks to the blockchain technology. They become actor of tomorrow's internet and contribute to make the Internet more secure and more trustworthy, and they're rewarded for that!

# The network

We're maintaining 2 public networks, a live one and a test one.


LIVENET is the main network (equivalent to mainnet on other blockchains). Tokens are valuable and you can use them on a day to day basis for the long life.

This network is live since may 2020 and you can access this network via the public livenet explorer (opens new window).


SANDBOX is the development network (equivalent to testnet or devnet on other blockchains).

It is used to test and discuss new features with community before making them available for all. Tokens are valueless (you can get them for free from the faucet. You can use them to test next features and your apps based on UNIKNAME tokens.

You can access this network via the public sandbox explorer (opens new window).