# Becoming a Network Player

# What is unikname.network?

Established in 2018, unikname.network is a DPoS blockchain and a protocol that has the mission of protecting user’s privacy and securing any web and mobile connections. unikname.network is part of the "Powered By Ark" program.

# What is Unikname?

If you want to know more about Unikname, the first product build on unikname.network, you could go to its website : https://unikname.com (opens new window).

# Implication behind the choice of your name and your type

It is important to understand the implications behind the choice of name and type of your @unikname.


Once it is created, it cannot be changed.

For the type of your @unikname, you will have the choice between two types of @unikname:

  • individual
  • organization

Unless you are a company, choose individual.

Indeed, in order to become a delegate, you will need to gather votes. Only individuals vote for individuals, and only organizations vote for organizations.

If you are an individual and create an organization @unikname, then you will have a hard time collecting votes.

# Requirement before going further

Before going any further, the procedure to become a Network Player requires a few prerequisites.

Notably the fact of being able to run a Blockchain node, which requires having a server. If you don't have one, and you don't want one, you won't be able to configure your node, nor join the network.

And for those who have all this, welcome to the community!

Now let's go creating your @unikname as an individual by going to the next part of this documentation.

organization @unikname

If you have decided to create an organization @unikname, follow this part of the documentation instead.